Academic Papers about Non-Profit Marketing

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VERHAERT G. & VAN DEN POEL D. (2012), The role of seed money and threshold size in optimizing fundraising campaigns: Past behavior matters!, Expert Systems with Application, 39 (18), 13075-13084.

VERHAERT G. & VAN DEN POEL D. (2011), Empathy as Added Value in Predicting Donation Behavior, Journal of Business Research, 64 (12), 1288-1295.

VERHAERT G. & VAN DEN POEL D. (2011), Improving campaign success rate by tailoring donation requests along the donor lifecycle, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 25 (1), 51-63.

JONKER J.J., PIERSMA N. & VAN DEN POEL D. (2004), Joint Optimization of Customer Segmentation and Marketing Policy to Maximize Long-Term Profitability, Expert Systems with Applications, 27 (2), 159-168.

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