Academic Papers about Cross-Sell Analysis

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PRINZIE A. & VAN DEN POEL D. (2011), Modeling complex longitudinal consumer behavior with Dynamic Bayesian Networks: An Acquisition Pattern Analysis approach, Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, 36 (3), 283-304.

PRINZIE Anita & VAN DEN POEL Dirk (2008), Random Forests for Multiclass classification: Random Multinomial Logit, Expert Systems with Applications, 34 (3), 1721-1732.

PRINZIE Anita & VAN DEN POEL Dirk (2007), Predicting home-appliance acquisition sequences: Markov/MTD/MTDg and survival analysis for modeling sequential information in NPTB models, Decision Support Systems, 44 (1), 28-45.

PRINZIE Anita & VAN DEN POEL Dirk (2007), Random Multiclass Classification: Generalizing Random Forests to Random MNL and Random NB, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS 4653, 349-358.

PRINZIE Anita & VAN DEN POEL Dirk (2006), Exploiting Randomness for Feature Selection in Multinomial Logit: A CRM Cross-Sell Application, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, LNCS 4065, 310-323.

PRINZIE Anita & VAN DEN POEL Dirk (2006), Investigating Purchasing Patterns for Financial Services using Markov, MTD and MTDg Models, European Journal of Operational Research, 170 (3), 710-734.

BAESENS Bart, VERSTRAETEN Geert, VAN DEN POEL Dirk, EGMONT-PETERSEN M., VAN KENHOVE P., VANTHIENEN J. (2004), Bayesian Network Classifiers for Identifying the Slope of the Customer-Lifecycle of Long-Life Customers, European Journal of Operational Research, 156 (2), 508-523, 2004.

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