Academic Papers about Data Analytics

This website presents the scientific research of the Data Analytics cluster of the Department of Marketing at Ghent University. The field we practice is also known as analytical customer relationship management (CRM) / Business Intelligence in Marketing / Predictive Analytics in Marketing / Customer Data Mining. Moreover, we contribute to many methodological journals to advance the field of Data Analytics as a whole.

Here you will find direct links to the full papers available for download. Publishers forced us to take down the full text of some of the papers. Please contact dirk dot vandenpoel AT ugent dot be for a copy in that case.

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Some recently accepted papers include:

BOGAERT, M., BALLINGS, M., BERGMANS, R. & VAN DEN POEL, D. (2020), Predicting self‐declared movie watching behavior using Facebook data and information‐fusion sensitivity analysis, Decision Sciences, forthcoming.

STEURTEWAGEN B. & VAN DEN POEL, D. (2020), Machine Learning Refinery Sensor Data to Predict Catalyst Saturation Levels, Computers and Chemical Engineering, forthcoming.

VISWANATHAN V., MALTHOUSE E.C., MASLOWSKA E., HOORNAERT, S. & VAN DEN POEL, D. (2018), Dynamics between social media engagement, firm-generated content, and live and time-shifted TV viewing, Journal of Service Management, 29 (3), 378-398.

HOORNAERT, S., BALLINGS, M., MALTHOUSE E.C. & VAN DEN POEL, D. (2017), Identifying New Product Ideas Waiting for the Wisdom of the Crowd or Screening Ideas in Real Time, Journal of Product Innovation Management, 34 (5), 580-597. BEST PAPER AWARD

BENOIT D. & VAN DEN POEL D. (2017), bayesQR: A Bayesian Approach to Quantile Regression, Journal of Statistical Software, 76 (7), 2017 Journal Impact Factor of JSS: 22.7 (this is not a typo).

VERCAMER D., STEURTEWAGEN B., VAN DEN POEL D. & VERMEULEN F. (2016), Predicting Consumer Load Profiles Using Commercial and Open Data, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 31 (5).

Education / Training

At the Department of Marketing we also have a specialized Master program in predictive analytics: "Master of Science in Marketing Analysis" (a one-year master program), as well as "Data Analytics" (a two-year master as part of Business Engineering).

Moreover, we offer tailor-made training for companies or sectors, such as retail or financial services/banking.